Sunday, February 13, 2005

Welcome Robin to the Flat Tire Club!!!

During our ride yesterday Robin and I stopped in Graton for lunch at the Willow Wood Cafe....yummm!!! Robin had the grilled mozzarella sandwich with artichoke hearts, peppers and grilled onions and I had the tarragon chicken salad sandwich with pecans and apples, both sandwiches were served with a cabbage salad we mayo (is it still called cole slaw??)
We hoped on our bikes to head out and Robin discovered she had a flat tire.....her first on the road. I'm very proud to report that Robin changed her tire herself with ease!!! After changing many tubes myself with much struggling I was a little jealous at how easy it was for Rob..........bravo!!!

My Odometer rolled over to 800 miles!!!

Despite some COLD and foggy mornings, Robin and I have been riding. We probably missed two or three weekends in December/January but have been riding regularly since. Early in January my odometer rolled over to 800 miles! That's from early last July.
On the foggiest mornings we cycle from Sebastopol to Santa Rosa via the Joe Rodata trail. This keeps us off the road where we feel safer. Several times we rode to Aroma Roasters for coffee and by the time we've finished the fog has lifted and we head back to Sebastopol and out through Graton and beyond. One morning when we wanted a quick ride we met at "PlayDATE" and rode through Howarth Park and Spring Lake to Oakmont and back. Boy, by the time we headed back the trails at Spring Lake were like a freeway during commute hours...........lots of people!!!
Yesterday we rode with our friend Susan from Sebastopol down the trail but only made it to Fulton Road before turning back. Susan hasn't been on her bike for a while and had a recent ankle injury so she had enough. We rode back to Sebastopol with her with promises of another ride. Robin and I continued on down High School Road to Occidental Road, through Graton to Green Valley Road. We thought we'd head towards Occidental the "back way". We took a detour on a wonderful road...Thomas Road. We'll ride there again; several hills, none killers but still a workout and no cars!!!! We ended up back in Graton for lunch at the Willow Wood Cafe and then back to my house where Robin started helping me organize my office (it's a mess!!!) We also spent some time planning our bicycling trip to Seattle and Victoria.