Sunday, December 04, 2005

Back to Tomales...30+miles

Another great ride to Tomales. I think this may be our third trip out to Tomales and maybe a different route each time. This was definetly a different ride than before. Judy was our leader and what I call hills, she calls bleeps. So, on our way back when she give us some options and mentioned that one of them had a big hill we opted to go back the way we came........up Dillion to Whitaker Bluff, toGehreke, Two Rock, Roblar...........I don't know, I think we rode on all those roads today plus a few??? I plan to become an official member of the Petaluma Wheelers (?) or is that Wheelman?? At any rate I'm told they post the routes of each ride with a description. I love riding with Rob but it's fun to ride with people who have different skills and experiences. Robin and I are so well matched that we don't push or challenge each other so it will be fun to ride with the Wheelers from time to time. While we rode out to Tomales another group of Wheelers rode from Cazadero up and over the hill.....mountain!!! , I suppose to the coast...?? I'm anxious to read that ride description.

A ride out to Tomales wouldn't be complete without at visit to the bakery........Judy had a scone, I had a cinnamon-nut roll (not sticky bun), Rob had a slice of fruit bread and our other rider (sorry forgot her name) had a great looking pizza with carmelized onions finished off with a cinnamon roll..............yummmmmmm!

Marin County of Gehreke??  Posted by Picasa

Dillon Road near fire station Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 03, 2005

heading into Tomales on Dillon Rd(?) Posted by Picasa

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somewhere outside of Petaluma.......which ride, when????.. Posted by Picasa