Saturday, August 13, 2005

Tomales....speed record broken!! 33MPH

It was a last minute choice, we were going to ride from Windsor to Cloverdale and back but it was too HOT!!!.....over 100 in Cloverdale. We decided to save that ride for the fall when it cools off. So, we decided to ride from Robin's house out to Tomales. I always like riding to Tomales because there's a great little bakery with wonderful sweet and savory pastries. What I always seem to forget is there are a couple really "good" hills. Oh well, that's part of why we ride ; for the exercise. I found myself walking my bike up one of the hills..............I hate to do that and worse yet another cyclist saw me!!! He was coming down the hill very fast and kindly cheered me on saying it wasn't far to the top. Well, I was already walking and felt a little embaressed and like a "looser"......hmmmm Any how, once I got "busted" I got back on my bike and finished to the top of the hill. By the way, Robin rode the whole way.......hmmmmm What goes up must come down and we broke our speed record going 33miles and hour down hill..................yipeeee!!!! The reward of this ride is the stop in Tomales and a treat at the bakery and usually a visit with other cyclists. While we were in Tomales Robin saw a friend of her's who had ridden out with a group from Petaluma. Her friend, David joined us for the ride back. It was good and different riding with someone we're not use to. I felt a little pushed, like I should ride faster since I was in the lead but David was in no hurry and was actually nursing an injury so wanted to ride a little slower than usual. At one point he reminded us to "take the lane". Rob and I know this but tend to hug the side of the road giving space to the cars speeding by. It was good to be reminded and to ride with a bicylist that is a little mor agressive than us.

pond and dairy............ Posted by Picasa

lovely......not a vineyard in sight....... Posted by Picasa

roadside anise Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 12, 2005

Rob's bike at the top of the hill....... Posted by Picasa

Marin County......I always forget about these hills Posted by Picasa

Tomales Bakery through the side window...... Posted by Picasa

peeking in through the side door.. Posted by Picasa

my lemon-blue berry tart......yummmmy...very buttery it! Posted by Picasa

heading back to hot pokers! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Rob and I heading back from Tomales. David, Robin's friend took the picture and taught a thing or two about "taking the lane" Posted by Picasa