Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Lazy, lazy, lazy

whine, whine, whine..........I had a wonderful time in Seattle and Victoria......great bicycling but don't have time to write about it's a copy from my PlayDATE newsletter with a little description of the Seattle/Victoria trip and more whining!!

Oh My!!!
Where has the time gone?? I've totally "slacked" on the newsletter the last two months!! Here's what I've been doing:
Last month our oldest daughter Paige, graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School in Madison so the whole family went for the graduations ceremony. My husband, myself, daughter Lynly and son Evan all flew out and spent a long weekend in the Madison area. We went to the ceremony, drank beer, ate cheese, danced the polka and met my daughter's future inlaws. It was a great time. Paige's fiance, Justin's family is very nice and we were happy to meet them on their home turf.

Last week I went with my friend and bicycling partner, Robin to Seattle and Victoria, BC. We stayed with my sister, Teri in Seattle and spent one day bicycling the Burke Gilman Trail. The next day we all took the ferry to Victoria . The first day we went shopping, bought new shoes and the fixings for a hotel room picnic. The picnic is something my sister and I like to do at least one night when we're traveling. By shopping at the local grocery, wine store, cheese shop, bakery and deli we get a different view of a city than just the normal tourist shopping. The next morning rental bicycles were delivered to our hotel and we were off for an all day ride on the Galloping Goose trail. Half way into the ride we stopped at Sooke Basin where we had a wonderful lunch at a great little resturant. Our ride was approximately 50 miles. When we returned to Seattle we did a little sightseeing there and had a delicious bbq salmon dinner.

This weekend I'm going to my cousin's daughter's wedding in French Camp and then to Davis on Sunday for my daughter, Lynly's graduation from UC Davis.

In the meantime my son, Evan has been in Costa Rica and my house has been in complete uproar having the wood floors sanded and refinished and still in the process of painting.

This is why I haven't come up with a creative and informative newsletter for you....excuses, excuses..............

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Photos in a Mess

I had some trouble posting the photos of our trip to Seattle and Victoria........they are in completely random order..........sorry........

here comes Gail...... Posted by Hello

more beautiful wild flowers..... Posted by Hello

perfect cup in Seattle (at Teri and Matt's neighborhood coffee house) Posted by Hello

Gail in the woods Posted by Hello

Robin in the woods Posted by Hello

Teri went for the soup and halibut "burger"....really a fillet of fish....broiled...fresh! Posted by Hello

Robin's salmon "burger"......yummmm Posted by Hello

on the deck at Sooke Bay Posted by Hello

little cabin on the lake.......can you see it? Posted by Hello

pretty lake....... Posted by Hello

natural rock garden..... Posted by Hello

resting in the sun....... Posted by Hello

Rob & Gail on the trail.... Posted by Hello

tree growing out of solid rock Posted by Hello

Rob & Teri Posted by Hello

wildflowers on the GG trail Posted by Hello

This is where we had lunch on the Galloping Goose.....Sooke Basin.  Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Riding in Seattle and Victoria BC

We had a great time visiting my sister Teri, sight seeing in Seattle and Victoria and riding bikes! What could be better? The weather was perfect even though it was raining the evening we arrived. Over all we rode about 70miles over the weekend. ................much to report but I'll the pictures speak for now..............

ahhhhhhhh Posted by Hello

oooooh Posted by Hello

wow more shots...... Posted by Hello

heading to Seattle......Mt Shasta from the airplane (no duh) Posted by Hello

Gilman Trail fountain Posted by Hello

Burke Gilman Trail........ Posted by Hello

pretty "alter" Posted by Hello

Rob and I got up EARLY and took a power flow yoga!.....kicked my a... Posted by Hello