Friday, February 17, 2006

Olivet to ChalkHill and back 38miles and no food!

Robin and I have been trying to make our rides start from our homes. That is, I drive to Robin's on Roblar Road or she rides to my house on Olivet Road then we get on our bikes and leave from there. Once we both left from home and met in Sebastopol. It was ok for me but Robin's ride was too much on Hwy 116 or it would have been at least twice as long as my ride if she rode the back roads.....
Last week we rode from my house through Windsor then up Chalkhill Road to the end (hwy 128) then turned around and came back. Beautiful ride; a few hills, some traffic (River Road), and no place to eat!!!! We pulled into the big shopping center off Faught Road in Windsor and found nothing but fast food places........hey, we're use to gourmet cafes in Healdsburg or the exquisite-funky bakery in Tomales or how 'bout the again, funky Willow Wood Market in Graton........I'm on a roll......the Naked Lady in Occidental (no longer there but something else will soon open), Zazzle in get my point, we enjoy a special treat when we're on the road. Well we ended up at Quizno's with a salad which featured slimy black lettuce.........oh no, that's not a new gourmet "green" it's an old lettuce that's been left in its plastic container too long. The ride was great but we'll have to figure out a way to add a good food stop........maybe go down Pleasant Road into Windsor Town.


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