Sunday, February 12, 2006

Levi is that YOU?!

There were lots of riders on Chalk Hill Road seems there always are! Many more bicycles than cars........hooray! We passed a group of riders from the Santa Rosa Cycling club who were getting ready to leave from Esposti Park in Windsor. By the time we were just a few miles up Chalk Hill the skinny wheeled riders from SRCC were passing us! It was a big group and we stopped a couple times for water and to catch our breath and I'd say every rider who passed us asked if everything was ok; did we need help? Shortly after we made the turn around at highway 28 (?) and headed back down Chalk Hill a huge group of riders came towards in the opposite direction. They were obviously a "team"; filling the entire oncoming lane. Right behind them was a van which appeared to be driving way too close!!! Of course the van was their support vehicle. As the riders approached Robin and I let out a greeting of "yipeee" or some sort of joyful acknowledgement. These riders answered back with their own cheer! Great fun, great cycling camaraderie. The cycling "team" was wearing turquoise jerseys........oh my gawd it was Levi and his gang!!!!


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