Sunday, December 26, 2004

Sunday morning rides in Petaluma

I ran into my friend Dusty a few weeks ago. As an avid biker himself, he noticed my well-used bike rack and "Share the Road" bumper sticker on my car. We started talking and he mentioned that he and a group of friends from Petaluma have been meeting for quite some time every Sunday morning at 8:30 AM for a weekly bike ride. It is a relatively small group with no more than 6 riding any one weekend . He assured me that riding abilities were varied and they ride for pleasure only at a modest speed. In Dusty's words "No rider left behind"...
He invited Gail & I to join them any Sunday so I took him up on his offer the next Sunday morning. It was VERY cold that morning - I started out with 4 layers of tops, 2 layers of gloves, & woolen socks. I had stripped down to only 2 layers by the end of the ride, however.
They took me on a very nice ride, which I had heard other bikers talk about, but never had the opportunity to ride before. Gail had other plans that morning so I look forward to taking her on that ride again this Winter.
The round trip route is approx. 15 miles starting and ending at Aram's Cafe in downtown Petaluma. It goes South on Kentucky Street to I Street.
Right on I Street and follow I St. for several miles to San Antonio Road. Right on San Antonio for a few miles to D Street. Right on D Street which brings you back into town. Since Gail wasn't with me, and she has the digital camera, I have no pix to share, however take my word for it, the scenery is lovely and there are plenty of neat shops in Petaluma to wittle away the rest of the afternoon (or morning).


At 2:18 PM, Anonymous Michael Morris said...

Hi there. Nice to see a site with so much about the beautiful cycles in the Petaluma area.

I saw the post on the I Street/D Street loop and (just FYI) it's not 15 miles. It's 11.45 miles starting/ending from my house near the Fairgrounds off Payran. From Arum's it might be 10.

But it's still a gorgeous ride ...

At 2:20 PM, Anonymous Michael Morris said...

I mean Aram's :-\


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