Sunday, December 26, 2004

Winter riding

Rob and I have gone a couple rides which I haven't posted. A couple rides out of Sebastopol. One ride was particularly productive. We started in Sebastopol, rode down the Joe Rodota Trail to downtown Santa Rosa. In Santa Rosa we stopped so I could talk to my hair dresser, then rode over to the bike shop where Robin bought her husband Barry a jacket as his Chanaka gift, then on our return we stopped at the Waldorf School on Willowside Road where they were having their Winter Fair, I bought some earrings which I intended as a gift but decided to keep as a gift. From there we headed down Guerneville Road and had lunch in Graton at the Willow wood Cafe (delicious) and then back to Sebastopol where we shopped at the house wares store and Whole Foods........we had a fun ride and accomplished something!!!

Another recent ride also started in Sebastopol. We took the Rodota Trail in the opposite direction picking it up across from Analy High and heading towards Gravenstein Hwy to Occidental Road, through Graton and then to the little town of Occidental. We've done this ride a month or so ago........Morelli Road is no less steep!!!!! We stopped briefly in Occidental then headed back to Sebastopol where we did some shopping and had lunch at the Whole Foods deli..........yummy soup!

Robin and I had plans to ride today but the wind kept us in and a good thing because we would have been caught in the rain had we gone out...........maybe next week!!


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