Sunday, September 26, 2004

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At 8:19 AM, Blogger Robin said...

Hey gail. I love the site! Couldn't you have used another word other than "middle aged"? Let's brain storm about that on our next bike ride.

Barry & I took a 27 mile ride on Sunday, for a total of 57 miles this weekend. Yeah.

Did our usual ride to downtown Petaluma with a few changes to "mix it up". Roblar Road to Jewett> to Liberty Rd.> left onto Skillman > right onto Thompson> Left onto Magnolia> Right at Keokuk bringing us into downtown Petaluma.

We rode another 5 miles to my folks' house for breakfast then rode back into downtown. There was a big Antique Fair - they closed off a few streets, had some live music, etc. Ran into a few friends which is always nice then headed back home.

Took Keokuk back to Magnolia St.but this time turned up Marshall Street, then left onto Skillman. Followed Skillman to Liberty> right at Liberty> left onto Pepper Rd.> Pepper all the way to Mecham> right at Mecham to Stony Pt. Rd. >left at Stony Pt, then home.

Since it was already past 2PM, we were headed straight into the wind when we were heading west. All the more reason to leave early in the day when we're riding in areas effected by the coastal breezes.

I looked last night at a few rides for next weekend and put aside 2 that I was interested in. One was the Petaluma to Tamales ride - 40 miles and if we leave at 8AM ish we can avoid the wind. The other ride was another 40 miler to Cloverdale. The Cloverdale ride looks like it might be more challenging. Check it out . If you don't have the ride descriptions for both, let me know and I can fax them.


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