Sunday, September 26, 2004

Just messing with this.........

I'm just playing with pictures I have in my computer. My plan (if it's ok with Robin) is to submit a detailed description of our rides. Many of the maps we follow are a little vague. I'd like to include comments like.... Lytton Station Road is several miles past the intersection of Alexander Valley Road and Hwy 128 (little store there)'ll cross over a bridge and the Russian River!...keep going.........
I'd also like to tell about some of the things we do on our rides besides ride!!! Last weekend we found ourselves at the Farmers Market in Healdsburg. We decided to create a picnic lunch. We bought farm fresh tomatoes (the woman gave us a sprig of basil as a bonus!), dry Jack cheese from Petaluma, walnut bread from a small bakery in Penngrove, Smith & Riley sweet-hot mustard from Sonoma.....what a great Farmers market! We walked into town and went to the Oakville Market and bought drinks.............then had our picnic in the Healdsburg town square. Absolutely gorgeous day!!!!


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