Sunday, May 08, 2005

Santa Rosa Cycling Club WCC

Rob and I volunteered to "work" the Wine Country Classic........this is a wonderful ride and perfectly run! Since we have ridden many of the roads on the WCC we decided to save our $50 and just hang out on the side of the road helping out. We took a thermos of coffee a newspaper, some snacks, a couple folding chairs and enjoyed a beautiful day watching the riders go by. I would reccommend this ride to anyone who hasn't spent a lot of time on Sonoma County roads. The 200K goes out to the coast via Occidental and Coleman Valley Road and up the coast to Jenner , through Guerneville snaking it's way back to Santa Rosa.........when I went up to the road this morning (about 7:30am there were riders passing on Olivet Road heading out to the coast on the 200K). Another of the rides goes down one mine and Rob's favorite roads, West Dry Creek and another goes out Chalk Hill Road.........all beautful!!!


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