Saturday, March 05, 2005

Barrell Tasting Dry Creek Valley

Wonderful, wonderful day!!!! This is the third year that Robin and I have riden down West Dry Creek the first weekend in March. I remember the date because every year I say, "I wish my sister was here to celbrate her birthday" (March 1st). Well, this year she came to town and joined us on our bicycling ride of the Dry Creek Barrell Tasting. It was truly a glorious day. I heard one of the pourers say it was a "golden day" and indeed it was.
I must say I'm very impressed with my sister Teri. She hasn't ridden in some time and has done nothing to prepare for this ride. She did great! She kept up with us the whole time and passed us right off the bat just to let us know what was what! She even finished the last five miles or so with a flat tire!
I love this event, it's like a traveling party. Many if not most of the wineries serve food, some have music, they are all happy to have you there and very generous. There seemed to be more people and cars than in the past years. While it seemed a little too crowded at times, we had a great time and were able to "share the road" with all the drivers.


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