Monday, November 08, 2004

Short but sweet!!! Roblar Road, Bloomfield, Canfield and back....15miles; one good hill

Our plan was to do the Barry birthday ride last week end but we're stuck in a catch 22. We want to celebrate Robin's husband Barry's birthday with a ride from Hopland to Ukiah but the good weather keeps getting in our way!!! What? Well Barry is one to make hay while the sun shines so he's trying to finish some outdoor projects before the rain. On the other hand Robin and I want to fit in as many rides as we can before the rain!!! So, for many reasons we were unable to take our long ride this week end so we did a short loop with one "good" hill. We started in the sun Saturday morning and quickly entered the fog as we headed west on Roblar Road towards Bloomfield. It cleared up again by the time we reached the top of Canfield Road. I have to laugh because we could see the climb coming as we rode down Canfield and I said " I don't think that hill's as bad as it looks" ahh such optimism! I was wrong and it IS a pretty good hill. Of course we made it to the top and enjoyed the "free ride" down. I realize that I am often thankful that I ride with my camera because it's a good excuse to stop ie "hey Rob, let's stop I want to take a few pictures"............pant, pant,............but it was beautiful at the top of Canfield Road as the fog started to clear and we could see the tractors in the fields and the dampness still on the road. Another "Great" ride!

If the weather clears by Friday our plan is to go to Angle Island and maybe take the Hopland to Ukiah ride on Sunday Barry or no Barry! .....we'll see


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